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    VPS Hosting for China market


    Im a newbie and need your advice on good managed VPS hosting for China market for a online magento webstore in luxury goods. Budget up to $100 if necessary, including cPanel and Litespeed. Support/tech team should answers email ticket within 1 hour if theres a problem with website.

    1. Which company is good with magento managed VPS hosting?
    2. Im doubting between HK or westcoast USA location. Which is better? Or would be the best location China? If yes is there a big difference?
    3. Is it true that near to 80% of the USA IP is being blocked? What is the reason that they are blocked? Would they block a online webstore in luxury goods?


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    If you are expecting visitors from USA too, then I would recommend west coast with better routing to Asia.

    What do you mean by USA ip being blocked 80%?
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    I think he means that in China most of the American IPs are being blocked and is asking if he got an American IP would that be blocked even though the store is only selling luxury goods.

    My understanding, at least.

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    Yes, thats what I mean. Sorry for my poor english. Will it be blocked even though the store is only selling luxury goods?

    What about VPS location in Europe? I found out through firefox a big chines online luxury webstore is hosted in Sweden!? Is there a good reason for hosting in Sweden (or Europe) I dont know? What about speed connection to China from Europe? Is almost the same from westcoast to China?

    Besides location, is how the server is set/tweaked for Magento a bigger factor then server location? What i mean is a tuned VPS for magento in Europe has the same experience/speed for visitors as a average VPS in the westcoast?

    Hong Kong is an option but is more expensive then westcoast. Is it the money worth to choose HK. Or is it better spend on SSD VPS in westcoast? But then again will the USA IP be blocked? Or SSD VPS in Europe?

    By the way Im looking only for managed VPS.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    In China, not only IP being blocked, even website with content not accepted by the China government will same being blocked. As long as you follow they rule you will be safe if your main target is China market
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    Thanks for the info. Then who can help me with these questions?

    1. Who knows a good ssd vps hosting in the westcoast? Good price/quality ratio. I prefer small to medium company so that support&service is fast and good (within 1 hour).

    2. Is there a big difference between normal VPS with Litespeed and SSD VPS with Litespeed?

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    2. Im doubting between HK or westcoast USA location. Which is better? Or would be the best location China? If yes is there a big difference?
    Singapore is another option if you're targeting the Chinese market. If you look at Softlayer's chart of network latencies ( ) Hong Kong to Singapore is only 32ms compared to 146ms for Hong Kong to Los Angeles. I would ask any provider you're considering for a test IP so you can test whether their IPs are blocked in China or not.

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    if u will ask me i would advice u not to go to china or india

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    I've heard simplehelix is good for magento hosting. I'm not sure if they offer VPS - Defining Superior Service
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