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    SSD Configuration for Web-Hosting

    I currently run a lot of active websites, both for myself and others, and in an effort to move away from Reseller hosting in the near future, I am currently looking at different disk arrangements for building a web-hosting machine. With the decrease in price for SSD drives, I am strongly considering these for the increased IO performance, but lack any significant experience with them.

    I am currently comparing the Samsung 840 Pro 256GB vs the Intel 530 240GB drives.

    Would one of these be better suited over the other, where I have read of some issues with the Samsung (although mostly just in regards to HW RAID cards)?

    As far as the arrangement, based off what I have been able to find on these forums, Software RAID-1 would be the best route to go. It sounds like Hardware RAID cards pose significantly more problems with SSD drives. Would using Software RAID-1 (with frequent off-site backups) be best?

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    We have used Intel 320 and Samsung Pro and Evo in Software RAID10 configurations for shared hosting with great results. It is always good to have mixed SSD drives in an array so that all of them dont fail/expire at the same time.
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    We had some Samsung 840 Pro 480G drives each in a mirror and after about a month they all died. If the drive got busy it slowed down to a crawl. In a test, a simple dd would go extremely fast for the first 1Gig and after that it would slow down to kbytes/second. Doing a secure erase seemed to have cleared it up, but...

    I now have these drives and I can't trust them in a production environment. My lab machines are uselessly fast.

    Previously I had all Crucial M4/M500 and Mushkin Chronos Deluxe. I believe my next round, in a week or two, will be Intel 530s and Seagate 600 Pro.

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    we've been using SSDs for 2 years now in production and so far 0 issues they seems to be very reliable haven't had a dead drive yet unlike SATA which is prone to failure where in 1 will die every few a months in our server farm.
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    Thanks for the feedback on your experiences with using SSD drives. I am still on the fence about the Samsung 840 Pro/Evo drives, where the Intel SSD's are proven very reliable and reviews on the Samsung drives are quite mixed. I will probably proceed with the Intel 530 drives for my purposes and see how they work out.

    @quickWeb - What SSD drives do you guys use for your server farms? Are these in Software Raid or are they single drives/hardware raid?

    @2saca - Thanks, I would be interested to hear back on your results from the change in drives!

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    I've had nothing but problems with Crucial V4's timing out and other weird issues in Linux with software raid (mdadm). On the other hand I've had no problem with Crucial M4's or older Intel SSD's.

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    Another +1 for the Crucial M4s. We have been using them in RAID10 configurations with both software RAID and 9260-8i RAID cards (the latter we use for our SSD iSCSI targets and Minecraft servers), and they have been reliable and trouble-free. In a two year time span, we have had around a 1.5% failure rate. We use both the 256GB and 512GB models, and the smaller 128GB in our ESXi nodes as an SSD Host Cache.

    We have recently starting using the Crucial M500s, and although it's too early to make any predictive thoughts on failure rate, we're seeing very good performance and price point. We're using both the 480GB and 960GB in the m500s. | Fully Managed Cloud Hosting 100% vmWare | Texas, Los Angeles and Seattle
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