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    SolusVM And WHMCS Agreement.

    Hello guys, Im writing this to try to get a better idea on how I can get my Solusvmpro WHMCS Module to set up the virtual machine the way I want... What I would like to happen is for the customer when they sign up, specify the following things: Hostname, Root Password, Control Panel Username (FOR SOLUSVM). And have all of this sent in the VPS Setup email when it all has been completed. Currently the root password and username don't correspond with Solus.. I greatly appreciate all help. Thanks guys.

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    SolusVM WHMCS Module does have a built in ability to accept Hostname and Root Password by the customer while ordering product and for username you have to add only prefix in module setting of WHMCS for each products.

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    Sounds like you didn't setup the custom fields on your VPS products.

    I suggest you reread this:

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