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    Naming new company

    I am in the process of launching a new website and I can't think of a name to use.

    Everything I think of is either taken or when free I change my mind

    Anyone have any good ideas?

    Also to people who already have a company, what did you do to get that name?

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    Consider following when deciding new name:
    1) Short
    2) Easy to pronounce
    3) Easy to remember
    4) Brandable
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    Has Ravi stated,

    Keep it short and easy for your audience to remember.

    Also keep the name in mind, when you start thinking about the logo & design.
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    Not to many people will promote ideas to this topic because what ever they have to suggest most times it a good name which most times they don't even share with anyone because they don't want anyone taking their name or idea.

    It took me a while to pick a company name that will make me feel at home. The name I choose if luxuryservers I would like for my clients to feel like they are out on vacation at a hotel. We make sure to make out customers experience feel as smooth as possible without any errors or problems with our services.

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    Make sure that the domain name for the name you choose is free. Try using a name that a customer can relate to the product you're selling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kijjy View Post
    Also to people who already have a company, what did you do to get that name?

    Our name came from life inspiration. Our other company name relates to our work and seo.

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    Did you say you are starting a hosting company?

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    Could also use various words in word and use it's synonym tool to come up with good twists.

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    everything in life has pros and cons
    what you're about is discussed under: trademarks, brand naming and domain names
    you have two routs:

    - genuine name (ex: mozilla, google, yahoo, twitter, pepsi, cocacola, godaddy)
    It will have one main condition: not used ever before in business as a name of product/service/company

    - descriptive name (ex: web hosting talk, hotmail)
    It will have one main condition:
    not used - this exact - ever before in business

    - hybrid name: mix between a meaningful, related name, coined with another name, and both forming a (new brand name), never used or thought about before (silverlight, hotmail, servervault, wirenine, 24live, 7x24something)

    Difference is:
    - Genuine: easy to get registered as trade mark in US, and to win any dispute over it
    - Descriptive: hard to register - (R) symbol - , but easy to find online and remember "at beginning". but after a while, with marketing the newly born mark, only marketing efforts, customer-ship, and market presense will be the only factor of getting the "mind share" of market segments of consumers.

    - Hybrid: having both pros and cons of both.

    I used to read many great articles on regarding such issues.

    read on:

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    Many brands were named without any ideas.(just read about google for example )

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    Given the section, I suppose you mean a hosting company, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kijjy View Post
    Everything I think of is either taken or when free I change my mind
    Such as?

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    Register a New gTLD domain..
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