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    Thumbs up 4 Months review

    Since I've used this community to look for a new host, I feel that I need to give some back; so here is my review about my best VPS choice.

    Just a little overview what I'm hosting:
    I have 2 websites, one is a XenForo forum with 1.3GB SQL, and a Wordpress blog/website. I also have several static websites on the server, but nothing major to mention.

    I was looking for a good VPS host for several months, since I was really disappointed from the service I received throughout the years. Most of my community is coming from Israel, and I always wanted to host my websites there due to latency delays. Then, I started my journey to find a new host because Israelis companies have zero support in mind, not to mention their lack of customer service [I live in the US, maybe I got spoiled]. Since I was trying to get the best service I could get, I went to the biggest names here: WiredTree, Knownhost, Futurehosting, and ServINT. I did a test with each one of them for a month, and didn't really like any of them.

    Overall, ServINT was pretty good, but was limiting many things like open files (told me to upgrade a package if there are more than 20K open files in the system), and their RAM packages weren't so good (although they've upgraded everybody lately - good move). All the other companies I've mentioned just didn't really know what they are doing. Many tried to turn me away that they don't support many features that are server based and supported by WHM/cPanel, but for them it was considered 3rd party features (such as xCache). I also have Litespeed, and many of these companies didn't really know to configure it correctly with my website (although they support it - except for ServINT).

    Now to the main part of my review. After few months of pure disappointment from different companies, I tried by the recommendation of several users here. Since wasn't really known as the companies I've mentioned before, I was afraid to do the move, but I really didn't have a choice.
    After several weeks, my concerns diminished.

    First, the support is the best from all the companies I've ever been so far (and I went through a lot. At least 10 in the last 5 years). George would never turn you away and will always try to find the best solution for your problem (and I had quite a bit).
    He's also very knowledgeable and tries to keep up to date with all the security issues/softwares updates out there (and you can see that on these forums as well).
    TIckets are answered in minutes, even at hours that they don't support (night hours at Europe).

    Secondly, being on pure SSD vps, with xCache, Litespeed, and a CDN server made my websites at least twice faster than before. My users, that are coming from Israel, say the websites are much more smoother on Fusioned.Net. This is interesting because the server is located in Netherlands, unlike my previous servers in Israel (that had the same configuration).
    The uptime of my websites is 100% on average, never had issues and if there are, George is always giving a notice few days/weeks before when hardware/software is getting upgraded/replaced.

    To sum up, I would recommend anybody about George,, and their services. They offer both managed (whatever I have) and unmanaged services.
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    Thank you for the review! It's great to see such positive feedback.
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