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    Thumbs down Globalsign reseller: stay away!

    I wanted to share my experience with Globalsign.

    I signed up for Globalsign AlphaSSL reseller. The account created automatically. But it appears as suspended without a reason(it maybe enable manually, I don't know). I contacted them by Chat and Email and asked enabling it and providing a new password. They said me contacting by phone required. I said that I cannot talk English well. But they said me they no allow providing password, support or doing any operation via email. Did you see another funny/frivolous service provider like this? I tryed to fix this problem more than one week. But they no provide support.

    I recommend you stay away from Globalsign.
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    I'm sorry to hear you had some problems... I've been using the GlobalSign services for a few years now without any account problems. I did find some less than stellar integration work with WHMCS but its something that custom code/development could easily fix. Certainly no account freezes or anything of the sort.

    Based on what you are referencing, your account is likely in a high risk location and they are just doing their due diligence. I'd still call them and attempt to reach someone who can speak your native language. Have you reached out to your own account manager?

    Operating a third party integration business, I'd assume they would be more than willing to help work with you.
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    Have you tried contacting your account rep directly to find out what is going on?

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    They may need to connect you via telephone to verify your dtls. I think its not big deal to complete, they will ask your name adress and contact number etc, as well other famous companies do. Also I saw its not recomend master or alpha reseller accounts by many people here on WHT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benj114 View Post
    Have you tried contacting your account rep directly to find out what is going on?
    Yes, by Chat, Email and Phone. I verified my name, address, domain, company registered number(and the official url to check all of them) etc. They tryed to say my password on phone. But I could not understand it. I said, but they still denied to provide my new password by email. They don't provide support by email for anything.

    Note: I had signed up for our Hosting company. Our contact and company details appears on it's contact page. They could verify them on official url of our telecommunications communications presidency.
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