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    Intergrating website design with WHMCS

    I am looking to have a new website designed (I am not looking for quotes) and thinking about having it designed in html but so it looks like a shopping cart template.

    But I was wondering if there would be a simple way to add items to a shopping cart that is in the header of the template, and then click on the cart and continue to process it through WHMCS.

    So in all efectiveness it looks like its using my html version of opencart but really everything is being controled by WHMCS.

    Any suggestions of if this is even possible, any sites that have such a setup? And what do you think of this concept.

    I run an ecommerce solutions website so thought the idea of it looking like an ecommerce store would work well, can't use opencart for it though as it just isn't made to give me as much control over it as I would need for a proper website.

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    Not sure if I understand 100%, but assuming I have the right idea, then yea this is 100% possible.

    It just sounds like you want to integrate a HTML design into WHCMS, which is done by plenty of hosting companies.
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    We use WHMCS on a few sites. We just modify the actual WHMCS site/template based on our needs, instead of trying to make it controlled by WHMCS. It's a little bit limited in terms of design, but if you're decent with CSS, you can easily achieve an attractive look.
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    Integration of WHMCS into any website is very easy, Search on google and you will find lot of tutorials . Thanks

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    You can edit the template on whmcs, making it the same as your main site (you can also use a custom order template) and I think you can use links on your main site to directly add a product to someone's cart and even add html to add/test availability of domains.

    If this is not what you wanted can you explain more
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