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    looking for a windows vps... but...

    I don't need a license!! Ive got many of my own thanks to msdn. so im not interested in licenses at all don't bother trying to sell me one.

    vps would be used as a workstation kinda of thing i might host my own services such as ftp and or http though.

    any takers? realistic specs only ie 1+ gb of ram and plenty of hard drive space. must be stable and quite fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therock247uk View Post
    any takers?
    Hosts cannot post any offers (either here, or via PM etc) so members can only give you recommendations based on their experiences.

    With that in mind it would be useful if you could give an indication of the budget you have in mind, and any other stipulations, like location, to work on.
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    I got a spammy pm that i reported (clicked the report button),

    budget would be around $20 location uk would be nice.

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    What specification are you looking for?
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    1 cpu core 1 gb of ram 20 gb or bigger hard drive i see the windows vps solution is kvm how well does windows run on it?

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    84 has offers with the specs and price in your range but does include the Windows licence which for the packages I have seen is Windows 2008R2 Datacenter with SP1. They and the servers are located in Montreal, Canada.

    I have been using their lowest offer for a couple months without any problems for testing and as a remote desktop to do some work. Look under "XenServer Xtremely Cheap Plans".
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    Take a look on WHT offers , Can see many cheap windows offers KVM. What the meaning spamy pm? Isnt it not regarding windows VPS ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LankapartnerHost View Post
    Take a look on WHT offers , Can see many cheap windows offers KVM. What the meaning spamy pm? Isnt it not regarding windows VPS ?
    Sending offers through pm is not allowed, may be someone tried to make an offer to him through pm.

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    i reported the spammy pm i got ill let the mods/admins deal with it.

    ill have a look around here thanks!!

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    you can check
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