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    Multiple decimal places for prices in WHMCS? BitPay/Bitcoin related

    Hi there guys and gals,

    I'm having quite an issue charging clients using Bitcoin after the recent spike in value.

    The problem is WHMCS does not allow, at least not to my knowledge to charge less that 0.01 on anything given that it was made only with fiat currencies in mind.

    Since the Bitcoin rise, I've had to resort to limiting Bitcoin payments to annual payments only, since charging monthly would cost less than 0.01.

    Is there any way around this? This questions is directed towards the Bitcoin users out there of course.

    How can I continue to charge Bitcoin for monthly payments through WHMCS and still charge the correct price? Is there any way whatsoever to allow for more decimal places in the price?

    By the way, I am using BitPay for the Bitcoin payment gateway.

    Hopefully some other Bitcoin users out there have an answer for this.


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    I believe that you'd have to modify how the database is storing the values.

    Try going to all the applicable tables, and changing the price columns from DECIMAL(10,2) to DECIMAL(10,8). However beware that it'll also make your fiat prices look wonky. (haven't tried this yet, but it should work)

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