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    using free domain checkers

    Hi there was an ad on opensrs for domainsbot and so i checked it out..

    I already have a pretty good domain checker that i actually got working. It was old and falling apart i found it online and fixed it to work with WHMCS (which is where i found the copy of the script that did not work on their forum). It is fully integrated and so when you enter a name it brings up the price and lets you choose it and then takes you right into the purchase area. Its core is namespinner which was originally done by someone else but it needed a ton of work to work correctly, atleast the copy i found did.

    But still it only does a few of the basic tld's so i wanted to find an alternative to it.

    So i put together a page using the basic code that domainsbot offers, and although it does give results for more tld choices (i added them to the array) it does not integrate into my whmcs registration page (yet) so they would have to retype the name to register it.

    Also i just read a thread on here from 7 years ago that said that domainsbot showed domains available when in fact they were not, i cant have that happen.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, good or bad...


    sorry i first posted this using the wrong name, its domainsbot sorry..
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    Whois is best site for check the free domain info and check the domain is free and sale. Lookup the full info for the website. Also check the domain is available or not for buy. Always use the free domain checker for check the domain info.

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