We are offering the following dedicated server:
Intel Ivy Bridge E3-1230 v2
Supermicro IPMI Access
Available Locations: Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL, Buffalo, NY, Las Vegas, NV
Please send us the following information via email to [email protected]
Or visit us on live chat at www.comforthost.net along with the price you would like to pay:

  • How much RAM do you require? (8GB, 12GB, 16GB, or 32GB)
  • How many and what type of hard drives or SSDs do you require?
  • How much bandwidth do you require and at what port speed?
  • Which location do you prefer? (available locations listed above)
  • Do you require any control panels?
  • How many IP Addresses do you require?
  • Any other special configurations! (such as HW RAID, Windows OS, etc.)

Reasonable offers will be accepted. If we are not able to meet your requested price, we will make an offer at our lowest possible price. This promotion is valid for new and existing customers, but cannot be used to replace any existing service.