About 4-5 months ago I purchased a brand new USB wireless mouse (I wanted USB to keep my desk a little tidier) and it has been decent until recent times. Everytime I try to select/highlight some text, the sensitivty will just drop out and it will fail to select. I could try 10 times over to select something, and it will just stop the selection meaning in most cases I have to CTRL + A and then backspace or something similar. I thought about trying to get a replacement, but decided against that since there's nothing to suggest the same thing won't happen again.

So I decided a new one was needed. I do infact suffer from RSI though it's not too bad right now. I was looking at this as a potential replacement: http://www.posturite.co.uk/mice-keyb...uin-mouse.html

Just curious if anyone has experience with this particular mouse, or any good alternatives.