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    csf on Openvz node..

    Hello ..

    is it safe to install csf on an openvz node? will it affect the vpses hosted on this node and their services? or is there any tweeks that should be done?


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    Its safe
    You can install CSF firewall on a openVZ VPS without any issue.
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    The short answer is yes. It's a matter of preference. Whether you want firewall on your node or simply want to add a simply rule to block access to the world to the HN admin stuff.

    But it can be accomplished with some extra tweaking. Here are a few links you can read:

    Good luck!
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    It's safe to install CSF on OpenVZ VPS but if you are missing some IPTables, ask your provider to enable them for you.

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    yes, csf can be installed on both the Node and VM's
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    Yes, csf will work fine on openvz Node, Just make sure that all necessary iptable modules are installed

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