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    Hawkhost Abuse Department So Slow, Again

    Hey everyone,

    4 months ago, I published a post at this forum, I complained about The Abuse Department of Hawkhost's slow response. Now I meet the same question.

    On 21:45 at 12th Nov (America Pacific Time), one sub account of my reseller account was suspended for reported as phishing site.

    The website has been hosted on another reseller hosting for years. That hosting is bought from another big hosting company. The website never reported as phishing site before. That company moved their server to new data center in the last month. The client thought the speed of new data center is slow (while most of the clients thought the new data center is ok). So I transfered this sub account to the server hosted on Hawkhost.

    Two days later after moved to Hawkhost, the sub account was suspended. I noticed that disk usage of the sub account increased 200Mb. Maybe someone hacked the website after moved to Hawkhost. I cannot login cPanel, so I don't know the exact reason.

    After I got the ticket from abuse department, I reply to them ask for more detail about the issue. At the same time, I told them my ip address, asked them allow me to login the cPanel and website, so I can find out the phishing code and clean them up.

    9 hours later, I got their first reply, and it is the only reply about the ticket. They just told me they have confirmed the phishing site. But they didn't told me any detail about it.

    Then I reply to them, told them I will clean up the phishing site immediately as they required.

    Now 3 days past, I didn't get any reply again. The website is still suspended. No reply, no explanation.

    Yesterday, I send a Private Message to Hawkhost support at this forum. But 24 hours has past, I get no any reply, too.

    I'm so disappointed with Hawkhost now.

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    We do not have any phishing abuse tickets not responded to including your ticket. It sounds like your email provider is blocking our emails when we provide you with detailed information about this abuse issue.

    As far as it not being disabled at the previous web host. As explained in the ticket the account was already compromised when it came to our servers. It's highly likely your previous provider was ignoring the phishing complaints they were getting. We however take these complaints seriously.
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    well done! The forum is very useful to me. Every time I published at here, the question can be processed quickly.

    Can you tell me which url is reported as the phishing siet? The ticket number #LQV-216-75967.

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    I have got the phishing url. and the client is processing the issue now.

    thank you.

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