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    SSL licensing on dedicated server with multiple VPS

    Im new at this and feeling my way through it all...

    I have a test machine set up at home at present (with static ip address assigned by my ISP)...Setup is Windows 7 Host + VM Virtual Box + Ubuntu LAMP (VM). As you guys already know, the win7host and ubuntu VM each have their own unique ip address on my LAN. I have static public ip address and I port forward on my router to Ubuntu VM web server.

    I know that in order to use SSL one must have a dedicated ip address. Is it possible to have a main SSL license come through my public ip address to the host machine, then local SSL licenses be provided to multiple websites im self hosting if required?
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    SSL's are bound to the domain, not to the IP. As far as I know, you can run multiple SSLs on single dedicated IP, with some manual configuration and tweaking
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    Ah ok...i have misread the information on SSL's. I was confused about that one.
    So that would mean that as long as the hosted web site has a unique domain name SSL can be used by i could set up a number of VPS's on my system using vm Virtualbox for example and allocated a website to each one if i wanted too and then clients could use SSL if required?

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    Multiple SSL's on the same IP are possible as long as your Apache and OpenSSL on Ubuntu support SNI.
    SSL's are indeed Highly Dependent on IP but nowadays most recent version of OpenSSL and Apache support SNI for Web only.

    A good source:

    There is really no need for multiple IP's because a server has multiple sites depending on SSL authentication and encryption ***.

    What you pretend to do is unclear.
    If you have a single Public Domain and the Web Server PC where you run your app distributes the load (app + database + file server etc) for you home computers that is not a problem for SSL since the Web Server would run always on the Same Server.
    Your Web server obviously can be in your home network, in your LAN or DMZ.
    And that Same Server could have Multiple Public Domains, and serve all the requests for those domains with a single Public IP.

    Having multiple VM's running on your Lan each his own Web Server to try and "separate" domains is simply not possible.
    All http/https per domain request's are pointed by your Public name Server to a single IP and port.
    (I am assuming you only have a single IP) ... so you Must have a Single Web Server.
    (Note you could have Two Web server for this purpose ... one to respond to http and another to respond to https ..but that is no even practical)
    It would be possible if you had Multiple IP's ... but in that case you would not have the SSL situation ...

    *** Note: There is a Huge restriction that is Windows XP IE does not support SNI .. so your users would be forced to use FireFox as everyone should from the get go.
    This is not the place to discuss Apache OpenSSL configuration ... this is the Dedicated server chat...


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