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    Testing mysql on shared server

    Assuming you are on a shared server with very limited access to logs and reports...

    Is there a way for someone to test mysql response time on a shared linux server? In other words, you think the response time is way too long, the host says its fine. Is there something a client can use to test response/load time?


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    You could use to test the response time....

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    Awesome page, Sam, thanks!

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    Huh... where am I again?
    Quote Originally Posted by NEQ3 - Sam View Post
    You could use to test the response time....
    That would show the response time / load time for the page, not for a mysql query. There could be big differences.

    @stlrsfan, you an try the benchmark function. You can also check the profiling. Both are best to be used via mysql client. You could use a PHP script with microtime on either side, but PHP slowness could cause inaccuracies .
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