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    Best web servers software to use as HTTP file server.

    I have 8x dedicated servers each with 1gbps connection unmetered traffic.
    OS: Windows Server 2008 Web edition

    I will use these servers to host downloadable client of our services and I will do it by installing a web server and our clients will download the file over http protocol like
    I think you understand what I mean sorry for my bad english

    Which web server do you think is best for this purpose I don't need things like php and so on. just simple web server to transfer files in it to our clients.

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    Honestly.. just use IIS.

    There are other options for webservers on windows, even nginx/lighttpd have ports but they are both BETA.

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    If your site do not rely on Windows like asp or .net, then move to Linux :-)
    Specially 4 You
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