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    * Hosting Experts Help Me Decide Please!

    Hi Guys,

    I love black friday! Been waiting to see what deals are on today to get some hosting for a new project im expecting to grow quite large.

    It is an windows MVC4 application which is database driven, all page requests will read the db. With reasonably regular writing too.

    Im stuck between a low end dedi and a high end vps. These are the specs of the two im looking at. Prices are about the same between the two today.

    Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9300,
    4 GB RAM,
    500GB SATA HD,

    8 CPU Cores
    4GB RAM
    100 GB SSD HD

    Pretty simlar (i think?). The main thing im not sure about is if the dedi would be better for obvious dedi reasons. Or the VPS would be better because of the SSD?

    I would appricate it if i could get some quick replys (i know its rude to ask that - but these are only black friday deals and i need to make a decision in a few hours).

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Well, if you don't need that much CPU power I would recommend to go with the VPS. VPS has a RAID setup while the dedicated comes with only one hard drive, there's your point of failure. Second, SSD and HDD are not in the same league. Third, hardware replacement SLA on a dedicated box comes with a price while this feature is a given with a VPS. And fourth, software licenses are usually less expensive for a VPS.
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    Don't start with a Dedicated Server. Too many expenses in the long run. The VPS has better performances (SSD is a big plus) and you don't have to worry about the hardware itself.

    If your application will grow enough and you will have to handle too much traffic, until that point it will generate enough income for switching to a powerful dedicated server. Until then, try to keep the costs as low as you can. I've seen a lot of projects going down because thei were generating too many expenses and the owners decided to cut them off.
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