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    adult content hosting in Southeast Asia region

    I am looking for a shared hosting provider that allows adult hosting to serve the Southeast Asia region.
    U.S West Coast servers have pings ~200 ms so they are quite high for me. I am looking for something ~100 ms or less.
    Please name any provider you know that meet the above criteria, I will narrow them down myself. Thanks

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    I have the hosting with one Host provider, they are good in what they provides.
    check with

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
    I have the hosting with one Host provider, they are good in what they provides.
    check with
    What domain do you host with them? You can tell us, in private, here if you prefer.
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    Considering that most if not all SEAsian countries have strict laws against adult content, it will be difficult for you to find host willing to host them. Your best bet is to find a host in California that has an optimised Asian network.
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    Yes, Most Asian Countries not allow Adult contents in their Law
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