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    Thumbs up Review - Thumbs up are new on WHT, I have been with them for more than a week now so I dediced to start a review.

    I ordered their dedicated 1 on November 22th with the following specs:

    - 48GB DDR3
    - 2x L5520 2.27GHz Xeon
    - 2x 1000GB HDD
    - 2x 10Gbps Network
    - 30TB /mo BW
    Price: 119.95 /mo, no setup fee, I got their 50% off coupon and amazed by their network connection so I placed an order, for only 60 euros for the first month. My server was delivered after 2 hours or so, cos I ordered vmware & additional IPs address, so I can say it was "instantly" delivered.

    I'm using the dedicated server for virtualization, selling Windows VPS from it. After creating some VPS, the remote & respond speed became very slow. So I think it was hard disk's issues. I had a chat with Daniel on Live Chat (I think he's online 20/7), asked him to check my server. He then offered me 2 new SAS disks, still the same size as the normal SATA I used. That was cool so I accepted, but need to wait for the disks to arrive datacenter. After 2 days I had my new disks installed, they are working fine now.

    Hardware: 9/10, my server is working pretty fine after replacing the hard disks, it would be perfect if they can provide SSD in the near future.
    Network: 10/10, with 10gbps network connection, it's beyond my expectation.
    KVM Remote Console for free.

    Support: 10/10, their Live Chat are really active almost all day

    Overall: 10/10

    If anyone is looking for a quality dedicated server in NL with good support. I highly recommend them I will share my experience with after 1 month

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    It's costly, but will check with them

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