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    * Crazy domains

    Hi all
    i tried registering a number of domains with these guys a few weeks ago and despite their claim of "instant domain approvals" still nothing. in fact i then found out that their claim is impossible as one of the domains i ordered needed to go to a in country registrar to be signed off!!

    first i got a random request to fax a copy of my credit card and id and when i called to question this was promised a call back but nothing…..

    have sent many e-mails requesting domains or money back and still nothing.

    told them i would go to the police and again nothing

    i then decided to loo into them a little and BOY!!!

    it seems like i made a huge mistake as they appear to have run schemes in multiple jurisdictions with terrible service and with holding money from people

    has anyone any experience with these guys or any advice on how i can get my money back?


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    Yes Man, I have faced the same issue with these guys, they were offering .in domains for flat RS.99 and one of our clients was looking for 30 domains and we booked it from them and we got them after one month after contacting so many times with their support team and regular email exchange. We were waiting because my client was aware of this situation and he was in no hurry and so we were saved else my client could have killed me. They are horrible. I do not know they are now, but this happened with me 6 months ago.

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    they seem to be based out of dubai under the parent company DreamScape Networks FZ-LLC

    i have now discovered that have run this scam in many countries.

    i feel we should link them into the twitter hash tag crazydomainfraud

    if everyone who has received this treatment from them uses this and outs them for what they really are maybe it will hurt them as much as they have hurt us!!

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    They aren't really a scam, but they are "What you pay for" You get cheap domain names and hit the wall when their support aren't helpful, try ringing them up, and ask to speak to their line manager. I got help for my mate via that.
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    rang them mailed them told them i would report them if they didn't return my money after not registering my domain and nothing

    when i called them they said they would call me back, nothing…….
    mailed them a large number of times, nothing……
    told them i wanted my money back, nothing
    told them i would report them for theft, nothing

    my conclusion FRAUD

    their claim of "instant domain approval" FRAUD

    so tell me again

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    They are just cheap and their support is poor, but other then that they can be good at times
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