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    * Atlanta Data Center Colo - 42U Secure Cab, 20A/120V 1Gbps BW 100% UPTIME - $999/month

    Global Net Access is Atlanta's premier mission-critical colocation data center. With over 70,000 sq. ft. of space and a Tier 4 electrical infrastructure, AtlantaNAP provides clients with an outstanding IT infrastructure for production, storage, backup and disaster recovery colocation at an affordable price.

    Full cabinet of colocation in a Tier 4 electrical data center.
    Full 42U Secure Cabinet
    1000 Mbps Unmetered
    64 IPs
    20 AMP / 120V A Power
    100% Uptime with redundant power option

    Only $999/month

    The GNAX Colocation Difference

    How can you lower your data center costs? Go Denser!

    Go from 150 to 400 Watts per sq. ft.

    GNAX Data Center Experts will install cold aisle containment for you that keeps your equipment cooler while maximizing the use of your space. With the proper deployment, you could reduce your colocation costs by up to 50%.

    Learn More.

    Network Speed Tests
    Atlanta DC Test IP:
    Atlanta DC Test File Download - 10MB
    Atlanta DC Test File Download - 100MB

    Contact GNAX:
    Live Chat: Chat Now!
    Email: [email protected]
    Ticket: Submit A Sales Ticket (Select Sales)
    Telephone: 404.230.9150 x3

    Follow us on Twitter @ GNAX Like us on Facebook

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    Do you owe the data center?

    And send me cage prices in pm


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