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    Distributed services with Plesk

    Hello there

    I wonder which Parallels Solution makes service distribution (web, mysql, email) possible accross multiple nodes?

    We used Plesk Expand many years ago and we could use email and dns as a distributed service rather than having all the servers in the same node?

    I guess with PBA from Paralles this distribution is possible but i heard that it cost around 8,000 euros to start with.

    Any other Panel that can do this? I have not heard that Cpanel can do iit.

    Any idea?

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    In a default installation of Plesk they make it very easy for you to add additional MySQL servers (there are options available, such as: "force database creation on remote database servers rather than localhost").

    While Parallels has multiple products available for "distributed systems" these are generally products which were acquired and they will be discontinuing in the future.

    Generally, we run our clients e-mail and DNS through systems which are completely separated from Plesk. While it's not our standard operating procedure, we did provide support to a client who used a script that would update their 3rd party DNS via API every time a change was made to Plesk's DNS records.

    Also, have you looked at this product?:

    I would have to check but I believe this product is included in unlimited pricing plans.

    I know that CPanel has had these abilities for a long time; however, that also means the code-base is older...
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    Hello Servedby

    We knew PBA but that was very very costly and was intended for telcos.

    We need to distribute all the services, not only email or dns. Dns is already distributed but we need to separate web, email, ftp, mysql. The user will access to his panel but all his services are separated.

    I am checking the Plesk Automation but i am not sure if this is the old PBA software.

    Are you sure Cpanel had these features like distributed service, load balancers? I don't remember thay they offer such a thing

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    At the moment only Plesk Automation can be used for your purpose. It is not possible to distribute all services by Plesk.

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