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    tld options vrs time management


    With all the offers on tld's i am curious if it is worth the time management to offer some of them.

    I have considered offering more than the basics we have now

    however along with offering many of the other top tier tld's or even some of the other ones offered in the notices we get, there seems to be constant price changes as well as special term rules which expire all the time an or are changed on a whim. We are a small company and we really have to watch our time management. I would be easier if WHMCS had a way to manage tld's plans for us, we could input the initial rules and then let WHMCS manage it from there, but that is not the case now.

    I am just wondering if offering those "high maintenance" tld's is offset by sales or are they just eye candy for the "would be" client that might want one?

    Is our mainstream business (resellers) still focused on the core basic tld's?
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