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    Need server management + migration

    I'm looking for a management company to take care of our servers - reactive management

    At the moment we will only be using the service for one server ( to evaluate the service ). For this particular server we require migration of around 125 accountsusing 200 GB data. Both the old and new servers are using CL + Cpanel.

    We don't usually have many requests apart from the first initial setup - usually just ask for a quick assessment, general status every month and maybe some help with an email account or things like these.

    Our budget is around the $25-$30 / month.


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    We are glad to help you with this.

    Please contact us in Skype or email for further discussion.

    Our skype id is: logic.meeting
    Email:[email protected]

    You can also contact us via the live chat facility in our website - the name says it all!
    Managed Cloud Servers
    Server Management and Monitoring
    24x7 outsourced customer support

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    We are glad to help you with this.

    Contact Us @skype or via LiveChat or ticket system at AmigoServ

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