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    Someone else is using my dedicated server


    I have a dedicated server, where I have hosted only one website. But recently I just checked my ip address of my server on whois on an Ip, I could find five other websites have same IP address.

    I have checked with hosting provider, they said my website is definitely on a dedicated server and they have no idea how those website using my server ip address.

    Could any one help me with this? is my server hacked?

    I would like to know how they are running websites on my ip address?

    Do I need to change hosting provider?

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    The shared IP websites are often inaccurate, using old data, so the first step is to check whether the unknown domains are really using your server IP.

    Then in the event that they are, try browsing to them. Does an unknown website show up or just your server's default page? They may be abandoned / unmaintained domains pointing to an IP that used to host them before you got it. Ultimately there's nothing to stop anyone from pointing a domain to your IP - no access to your server is required.

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    To verify a website's location execute a icmp/trace route to the domains that are supposedly using your domain's ip. If they do not reply from your ip then you have stale data in the whois. If a domain has their dns records pointing to your ip there is nothing you can do about that, but without a host record there is no possible way of serving data from your server or accessing it.
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    I am not good at such thing, but if you use Chrome, and you know all the domains (that you said using your IPs), download this extension (, then once this extension is activated, you will see an IP at the bottom left/right. There you can see the actually IPs the websites hosted at. Hope this helps.

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    You can easily check if these domains are actually pointed to your server or not (like suggested) by reading the A-record in their authoritative name servers (nslookup domain NS). Further if there is actually a content which is served by your server for these domains, contact your hosting, if they don't assist you, consider replacing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyJon View Post
    Could any one help me with this? is my server hacked?
    If you have root access, check the server and web server configuration and make sure it is configured to server only your website contents.

    Of course, anyone can point their domain to your IP address. There is no need to have access on your server for that and they only need control over their DNS settings. Or they were using your IP address before and using outdated DNS still. If that is the case and the other domains are still active, contact them / registrar ( whois can provide you the domain contact ) and ask them to remove pointing their domain to your IP. Also set a rewrite rule to deny serving requests for the particular domains names.

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    Recommend you to ping the other domains, see if you get the same IP
    Not recommend you to switch off your server, see if they go off too
    Maybe you are just in a shared hosting server
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    Ping other websites and see what IP you get.
    In windows you can ping from CMD
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    We suggest you to ask your hosting provider to assign the dedicated IP not a shared IP.

    And also you can get information from where your IP is being used and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by my247webhosting View Post

    We suggest you to ask your hosting provider to assign the dedicated IP not a shared IP.

    And also you can get information from where your IP is being used and all.
    The OP is discussing a issue with their dedicated server and not a shared environment. There would be no shared ip.

    OP My first guess is that you are seeing old, stale records by doing searches for the IP in question. | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    It can be an old client's domains that still pointing to your ip too.

    I also recommend you to contact your data center and make sure no one is using your ip too especially if it is not in P-vlan.
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