Select and Build your own team from the dependable talent pool of SupportSages. The tag supportsages assures the following attributes to each admin you choose

Supportsages Guarantee

  • Certified Graduate Engineers
  • Successful completion of targeted and focused training
  • Good command over English
  • Ethical and Transparent support
  • Guaranteed 30 min Response Time
  • No "canned" Responses
  • No staff proxy
  • Easy and instant access to all levels of management
  • Money back Guarantee

Why dedicated team?

A dedicated team works exclusively for you. You work with your own team members similar to an in house support team.

Dedicated Team capabilities

  • Real 24x7x365 Support Coverage
  • Server management, migrations, monitoring, security implementation
  • Ongoing Optimization and Patching
  • Security Auditing and vulnerability sealing
  • Disaster Recovery and cyber forensic
  • 3rd Party Software management
  • Unlimited Servers,Clients and Issues
  • Covers L1, L2 and L3 Issues
  • VPN implementation for secure access
  • Separate dedicated communication channels

Advantages of Out Sourced team

  • No office infrastructure and administrative expenses
  • Flexibility to hand pick the right person by conducting interview - only for L2 and L3
  • Can provide training to the team exclusively to suite your environment
  • Ensures team availability during week ends and Nights

Why Supportsages ?

  • Dedicated Account Manager ( L3 or L3E level) for feedback/complaint
  • Team Lead to co ordinate and execute your technical operations
  • Shift Manager to monitor the work flow
  • Daily work report
  • Custom response/resolution time
  • SLA/NDA upon request
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Shift Roster Availability
  • Easy accessibility through multiple channels


The price for an admin who works 160 hours per month is given below

Level I (L1)

Experience Level : 6+ months

Monthly Charge : USD $400

Level II (L2)

Experience Level : 1-3 years

Monthly Charge : USD $800

Level III (L3)

Experience Level : 2-6 years

Monthly Charge : : USD $1200

Level III Escalation (L3E)

Experience Level : 6+ years

Monthly Charge : USD $1600

Team availability:

The minimum number of admins in a team is 4.

The team can be a mix of expertise by selecting different level of admins in accordance with your requirements.

The monthly charge for the team depends the charges of the admins chosen.

Each team will have a dedicated Account Manager without any cost

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