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    Strange problem: Websites Using lots of cache data

    I am facing strange problem with my sites.
    Recently i moved my two sites from old domains to new domains and after that i saw that those two sites are using lots of cache data. I tried clearing browser cache and clearing cookies but got no success. I posted a thread in vbulletin official forum about this and as usually no official replied there but one general user tried to help me and he is saying that its a server problem

    like you can check by logging with following details:

    username: test
    password: test

    When you login you are shown still as guest and when you refresh the page it shows you as loggedin. Visiting again the last page shows you as guest. This is happening with my other sites also. Hostgator is not understanding about this.

    Now can someone tell me whats the actual problem and where and how to fix it....?

    That vbulletin general user is saying that every site has a php.ini file on the server but i can't see any on any of my sites.

    i am confused.,
    All other websites that are not on my server are working fine like WHT, DP Forum, and all others.

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    Just checked that some sites are working fine on my server but some have this problem....

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