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    Looking to migrate from SteadFast

    Hi guys,
    My server isn't working properly, Its my fault, I need to add more resources (eg ram or cpu) but unfortunately steadfast wont consult me about what needs to be upgraded.

    Can anyone recommend me of good cloud based server hosting?
    I need about 2gb of ram, 40GB of space, about 300gb/month of bandwidth and basic management service with direct admin.

    My current plan with steadfast includes basic management which should be include 1 Hour General System Administration/month, but apparently that's does not include consulting about what resources i need to buy from them for my server to run.

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    I also want to note

    That when we moved from steadfast vps to steadfast cloud platform we were promise that we will have the same fully managed support we had with our vps. But for some reason, steadfast system show that we have basic management only.

    "Ticket number: #NXB-406374 (Andy)

    " We are including managed services with all of our cloud services so you will be fully covered just like on your VPS "
    The Cloud plan that we would recommend would be:

    1000 mhz CPU
    512 mb RAM
    25 GB SAS Storage
    1460 GB Monthly Data Transfer (2gb/hour)
    Fully Managed"

    Just to be clear, not complaining about SteadFast,I love them, just looking for suggestion for another provider.
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    The issue was sorted. :-)
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