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    * Hetzner shaded withdrawal policy? You tell me.

    I will tell my story and please tell me your opinion. I might accuse people in Hetzner unjustified.

    I am Hetzner customer for 2 years, currently own 1 server and up to summer had another one.

    I order by 1st of October a new server to host my project.

    After setup and testing (which took me less than a week) I had to cancel the server because my project needed optimization.

    The optimization period will take me 3 months and I did not wanted to lease a server for 3 months without using it.

    So I tried to cancel it.

    Hetzner account portal management did not let me cancel the server until 1 month passed from owning it.

    So I cancel it a few days before the month end.

    And now they tell me to pay that month.

    On their terms and conditions they state that 1 month cancellation period is needed for a server and 15 days money back quarantee.

    But their account portal management (robot) did not let me cancel the server before 30 days and did not inform me that I had to state the cancellation before 15 days for money back quarantee.

    Am I misunderstood their policy or it's plain Hetzner fault on this?

    I don't like manipulated. Now they charge me 1 extra month, tomorrow what will charge?

    What is your opinion?

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    So, what you are trying to do is get a server for free before it reached 15 days so you can get your money back?

    If it reached more than 15 days, then you need to pay the whole month.
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    From my experience, I canceled couple of servers with Hetzner and I had no issues with that. The last one I canceled had a little over 1 week of usage. They didn't complain in any cancelation case.

    Did you open a support ticket with them when you were not able to cancel your server?
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    Quote Originally Posted by giannispap View Post
    I will tell my story and please tell me your opinion.
    Hello giannispap, I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble cancelling your server. I'd be more than happy to take a look at this issue and give you more information. Could you please send me your invoice number and/or a ticket number so I can see your account and give you an appropriate response.

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    There are 2 tickets. And thats because hetzner custumer service did not answer on my last one.

    The first ticket is [Ticket#2013110503010046] on 5/11 and the second one on [Ticket#2013112803008855] for invoice R0003308241.

    On the first one I got a replay on 8/11 and after I send you some facts nothinig.

    On the second one, I sended this:

    Good day,

    At the begining of October I ordered a server and after testing applications that I
    intent to use, I decided that my applications needs further tuning. That means delay
    the order of the server for 3 months.

    The first week I procceeded in cancelling the server.

    I noticed that the system did not let me cancel it, instead I had to wait 1 month to

    On your terms you say 30 days notice for canceling a server and 15 days money back

    That's fine with me.

    But why your system did not let me cancel the server the time I wanted and instead had
    to cancel it after 30 days?

    I assumed that 30 days had to pass before successfully cancel.

    You cannot state "I give money back if you cancel within 15 days, but I will let you
    cancel the order after 30 days".

    That's misleading behavior from your part.

    I don't say Hetzner did that on purpose, I only say that your system needs improvement
    to inform your clients better.

    The server I used it the first week and no traffic was made, so no service from my
    part were used. You can check server's traffic.

    The response I got is:

    It is possible for you to cancel your servers yourself via the administration
    interface robot. your-server .de
    Select the server you wish to cancel under menu item "Servers", click on the
    "Cancellation" tab, select a cancellation date and click on the "Cancel server"
    The next possible cancellation date will be shown in the Robot system.

    I had cancel successfully on summer time my testing server without any problems.

    The problem starts with new servers.

    And now, my project needs 1 server. What will happen when I need 3 or more servers? When something goes wrong and the project needs extra optimization, I will spend a grand to hetzner because "the robot let you cancel the server after a month but I will charge you after 15 days"?

    I got angry not for the extra charge (its only 60 euros), but from accounting department that do not replay to my question.

    They have 2 tickets opened for 24 days for a simple matter? Come on Hetzner, you can do better.

    I trust Hetzner for my project because they have the best servers at the best price.

    I dont trust them because the invoicing policy is not clear.

    And I am asking forum, because maybe I have not misunderstood correct. What is your opinion? Because if I did something wrong users from here could tell me so not do the same mistake in future.

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    Hello giannispap, thank you very much for the ticket numbers you gave me. Let me first of all apologize for the rather short responses you have gotten on them, the staff member who replied could have been more thorough, and I have spoken to them about that.

    As for the issue at hand, let me give you an overview of the info I have:

    1) On 01/10/2013 you ordered an EX60 server. It came online that same day.

    2) On 15/10/2013 you got the first invoice for it (from 01/10/2013 to 31/10/2013).

    3) On 24/10/2013 you cancelled the server, to 01/11/2013.

    In other words, you cancelled the server after the 14 day period in which you can get your money back. If you had cancelled within 14 days our system would have let you cancel the server with immediate effect, and you wouldn't have had to pay for it.

    Instead, the server was cancelled after 24 days, and was done so to the next paid by date. As such I cannot see a real issue here. In fact, considering our official cancellation period (the one you agreed to) is 30 days to the end of the month, you should have actually only been able to cancel to 30/11/2013. In practice we are much more lenient with cancellations and allow them to the next paid by date (which is always within 30 days).

    Let me know if that makes sense and/or if you have any other questions or comments. I would be especially interested in any suggestions you have for improvements to this process or our guidelines if you feel those are not optimal. You're very welcome to PM me about that.

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    Thank you for your response.

    The issue have been taken care of.

    Hetzner is one of the biggest European companies with excellent powerfull servers with competitive prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giannispap View Post
    The issue have been taken care of.

    Hetzner is one of the biggest European companies with excellent powerfull servers with competitive prices.
    Hello giannispap, I'm very glad to hear that and thank you for the kind words.

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