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    Server for web-base chat room hosting


    Please tell me in your opinion what kind of server with what configuration can provide hosting service to a few web-based chat romm sites each wich having 50-100 concurrent online users? Suppose the server should be as much powerfull as being able to serve 500 concurrent online chat room users.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Even an Intel E3 can handle it with good ram depending on how much budget you have.
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    What's your idea about the following config?

    Dual Xeon E5520
    24GB DDR3 RAM
    20TB Monthly Traffic
    :iteS[eed Web Server

    Can it handle 500 concurrent online chat room users who are transmiting text messages and even voices through the web?


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    text and voice are not bandwidth consuming
    latency seems not an issue too for this application
    SAS HDD with Raid 10 shall make it complete I guess
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