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    [For Hire - Remotely] - Pre-Sales & Tech Support I


    I'm located in Melbourne Australia and am looking to help a few companies out with Pre-Sales & Tech Support Level I.

    I will be made available to you & your customers for 8 to 10 hour shifts 5 to 6 days a week.

    Times I am able to cover:
    EST Australia: (7am)9am-5pm(7pm)
    UTC-5 (New York): (3pm)5pm-1am(3am)
    UTC-6 (Chicago): (2pm)4pm-12am(2am)
    UTC-7 (Denver): (1pm)3pm-11pm(1am)
    UTC-8 (Los Angeles): (12pm)2pm-10pm(12am)

    I will handle your pre-sales contacts in your live chat and ticketing system as well as assist in all level 1 support by handling basic customer issues. Gathering customer information and determining the customer's issue by analyzing symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem.

    Once a problem has been identified, I can begin sorting through the possible solutions. If straight forward, I will handle them, or use management tools made available to me to fix them myself for your clients.

    My goal is to be able to handle 70-80% of your user problems with my knowledge. Anything which I can not figure out can be escalated to a higher level of support.

    I will study your business, all of your products and specifications and understand it from top to bottom, with an ability to answer most of your customers questions in both support/technical issues and pre-sales. I am not afraid to use my time to search for possible solutions on google and help your customers out one to one. Quality customer service and support is the most important aspect of your business.

    I am also well versed in English, being my primary language.

    My asking price is $5 USD/Hour paid weekly at the end of each week.

    If interested and you wish to discuss more, please PM me here for my personal email or other contact details.

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    Thank you, e-mail sent.

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