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    * for sale

    Hi all,

    As is now surplus to requirements with my purchase of I am offering it (and for sale.

    The keyword claim (and related terms) is the 10th highest CPC keyword in google, ahead of sectors such as Trading, Recovery, Rehab and Recovery (I cant link to the infographic, but if you google 'wordstream most expensive keywords' it is the top result). This is not taking into account that it is very related to the 4th most expensive keyword sector (Attorney), or the 6th most expensive (Lawyer).

    Check out the CPC is terms such as no win no fee claim, mesothelioma claim, accident injury claim .etc. for some examples.

    - is $95k
    - is $20k

    The earnings for the domains are seen below for the last 7 months with a direct CPM deal with a UK law firm that I negotiated (The CPM rate was lowered slightly around June, hence the earnings drop. Traffic quality has improved in October/November though). Please note earnings are in GBP.

    Apr 478.13 108.50
    May 439.75 171.00
    June 311.25 127.40
    July 318.38 125.30
    Aug 265.70 88.00
    Sept 236.50 253.50
    Oct 253.10 185.00

    Traffic for is in the region of 1,500-2,000 uniques per month according to Analytics.
    Traffic for is normally in the region of 300-400 visitors per month according to AWStats (AWStats can vary widely though, and so should be taken with a pinch of salt)

    The websites, custom designs and unique custom content can be included in the sale.

    Any questions, just post here. If you'd like to buy, drop me an email (johnmquail[AT] or PM.

    Posted on multiple forums, so first come, first served.


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    Website is no longer for sale.

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