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    Check raid controller and nuber of drives

    I've just rented a dedicated server which is supposed to have 4 disk drives, on hardware raid 1 ( 2 disk each raid 1 ). How can I check what raid controller is being used what disk drives are installed?

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    If you have a server with LSI RAID controller you might want to install MegaCLI, which is a command line management software from CLI to manage your RAID setup:

    Download from LSI Support Page

    Once installed, get the information you need with the following commands:

    Controller Information:
    MegaCli -AdpAllInfo -aALL
    Virtual drive information:
    MegaCli -LDInfo -Lall -aALL
    Physical drive information:
    MegaCli -PDList -aALL

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    To check what RAID controller is installed, "lspci | grep -i raid" can give you some information OR it can find from dmesg. The RAID management interface ( CLI / GUI ) for the corresponding RAID controller can give you more details about the drives used.

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