RockStar Workers

Are you tired of repetitive tasks that you do everyday? Would you rather do more productive work than spending your time posting articles in your multiple websites? Would you be somewhere else and not in front of your computer? If you are, then here's as good news for you. I am proud to introduce you to RSWorkers. RSWorkers will handle all your daily jobs. From posting to different websites, uploading thousands of products, data entry, screen scraping and many more.

Who we are?

RSWorkers is a small group consists of rockstar, hard working and professional individuals. RSWorkers is led by me, Michael Panaga, an expert web developer with many years of experience. You can see my odesk profile here,

What do we do?
As of now, we only do repetitive, VA-type tasks such as, but not limited to, the following:
  • Article posting. (All content will be provided by you)
  • Products, job listings, directory listings or any custom post type uploading / posting. (Images, prices, description, attributes will be provided by you, unless of course you want us to research for them)
  • Website Directory Submission. (We will submit your website to online directory. Directory list will be provided by you)
  • Theme Directory Submission. (We will submit your created template to online template directories. Template directory list will be provided by you)
  • Simple website edit (HTML / CSS / PHP)
  • Simple Wordpress setup - includes uploading and setting up of pages, setting up the navigation, menu, installation and setting of Wordpress theme, integration of google analytics, integration of google adsense, linking of social media sites (icons) and other edits you wanted for you website
  • Website Migration with zero to minimal downtime (server-to-server, url-to-url, different directory on the same server)
  • Any other manual work you can think of that are not listed in here!

What do we guarantee?

We can assure you that we will provide nothing but excellent and satisfactory work. We take pride and integrity in our work. We do not just finish projects, we make our customers happy. And if for some reason you are not happy with the results, we will refund you 100% (this will depend on your reason and if it's valid). Yes! This is how confident we are on our services!

Our rates?

Since we are a new, we will work on your rates! Inquire to us, let us know what kind of jobs you have and your rates. If we find your rates "fair" then we will work on it. You will be surprised how cheap our "fair" is!


1.] Do you do free reviews?
- No. We provide manual, quality work so we can't offer free reviews. If you want we can start with little numbers. For example, if you want to test our service, you can give us 10 product postings or 20 product postings for starters.

2.] How long before you can finish the job?
- A job can take as little as a business hour or as long 24 hours. It really depends on what kind of job and the amount of job you will give us. We will give you an estimate before anything else.

3.] Do you require upfront payments?
- Yes. Like I mentioned above, we are offering manual, quality work so we won't start the job until the payment was made. You can always give us small quantity of work if you are hesitant on our services.

4.] How do we start?
- First, contact us and tell us the tasks you want us to work with. You give us your rate and amount of work. We will give you a estimate delivery time and when we both agree up to this point, you will send us the payment. After receiving the payment, you can do something else or go somewhere else while we start on the work!

5.] What are the payment methods?
- As of now we only accept Paypal.

Contact Info:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: [email protected]