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    * Microsofts new ads against google!

    Microsoft now I have you even more..gggggggrrrrrrrr!

    Microsoft has launched an all-out offensive against Google Chromebook, enlisting History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” in a commercial highlighting the negatives of Chromebook.

    “Because Chromebook applications are web-based, when you’re not connected, it’s pretty much a brick,” Pawn Stars’s Rick Harrison jokes. “A traditional PC utilizes built in applications like Office and iTunes that work, even when you’re offline.”

    Harrison goes even further, pointing to the Chrome logo on the laptop and telling a female customer, “You see this thingy…that means it’s not a real laptop. It doesn’t have Windows or Office” and “without WiFi, it doesn’t do much at all.”

    He also warns the customer to not get “Scroogled,” aka Google monitoring you’re activity online in order to sell ads.

    Businesses like Microsoft using TV stars to aggressively target their competitors is an interesting strategy—even more interesting is whether competing TV networks might eventually start using social media to target their competition.
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    I somehow think that Google deserved such criticism (although the ads is a bit over), just my opinion though. While I don't think Microsoft is doing as well as Google in certain areas, I started to leave Google's products since the day they admitted they do not respect Google users' privacy. I don't mind if they scan our emails to serve ads (because sometimes it does bring me to something interesting), but what Google said (i.e. public statement) is another thing, it made me feel like they really "don't care". And I think it's unavoidable in today's world companies are attacking each other so straight forwardly.

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    Let's see.....
    In a few years Microsoft will do the same thing, have most stuff cloud based.
    73's, Kim
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