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    Gbps dedicated server

    hello guys,
    I'm planning to set up a website providing resource downloading service. Are there any cheap unmanaged servers? Gbps port & unmanaged dedicated servers. so I can host my resource on the server to providing the download service.Thank you guys, any reply will be useful. thank you very much.

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    Could you tell us a bit more on what kind of hardware you are looking at and which budget you have available?
    Location is also not that important to choose, where will most of your visits come from? - Online in no time
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    If you are just after a server with a 1Gbps port and not a 1Gbps connection, then there are plenty of affordable providers out there. Simply state your preferred location & budget and you'll get lots of recommendations.
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    Sorry, I've little knowledge about web server. I'm just studing and planning to set up a website to provide resourse download.So I don't know the requirement details.

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    1gbps unmetereded dedicated port or 1gbps port with traffic accounting are few hundreds dollar difference.

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    Which location you are looking for ?

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    I think I need 1gbps unlimited bandwidth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alecxue View Post
    I think I need 1gbps unlimited bandwidth.
    1Gbps unmetered if it's not shared of course will run you about $800/m with the server...
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