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    * Moving from rapidswitch UK

    I have been a rapidswitch customer more than 3 years already, where I colocate some servers, and I did not have particular issues since now.
    Unfortunately around 20 days ago, they sent me an email stating that they changed their policy about IP and our private /24 subnet that was paid with one off payment around 2 years ago, become suddenly paid to us (from zero they are asking 1512.00/yr). Since IPs are assigned to my customers (and not charged since they were free) it is a real pain not to fall into loss.
    What do you suggest me to do?
    Honestly it is the first time I am in such situation but so far the wayout is not really easy.
    Thanks for your suggestions.


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    This is really strange, but you must have the proof about the same, provide them and sort out the situation.

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    Is it in their policy that they are allowed to review the offerings? Then you don't have much choice.
    Off course you are always open to find for another provider, as long as the contract with them is ended. - Online in no time
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    They will be allowed to review contracts so unforunately you have no choice but to try negotiate with them or move. It sounds like a very shoddy move on their part.

    Providers when they are coming short of IP space need to try reclaim what they can and from their point of view, why give 1 customer a /24 when you can have ~30 customers share that same subnet.

    With that being said if you previously had a deal - they should honour it, especially now you are committed to it and it's sign of a business you should avoid if they have really done what you said they have.
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    How many servers do you have them? If you have a /24 with one server then I doubt you are going to be able to negotiate with them however if you have a few machines you might stand a better chance of them lowering the cost increase...
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    Definitely look at other providers. I've been very happy for almost the whole of 2013 with a managed server from I can't see them springing huge increases on the bill.
    Watch this space...

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    Thanks for you suggestions.
    Anyway seems that there is no way to let them honor the previous deal. I've asked more time (20 days are not enought for such migration) but no success so far.
    If you want I can copy paste the whole conversation, it might be helpful to make your own idea about this matter and it may help others willing to chose rapidswitch as provider.
    Is this allowed?

    Thanks again, Giuseppe

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    How many servers do you have?
    How many IPs do you have?
    How much are you paying them?
    How many IPs are you using?

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    We arrived to a great deal.
    I got 6 weeks more to reduce IPs block and any fee associated with this will be charged back as soon as we will reduce allocation.
    Thanks for your suggestions and support.
    Case closed.


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    Glad you reached a conclusion.

    I'd have thought minimum 30 days, ideally 3 months notice on IP changes would be 'industry standard' before charging for them

    The industry average is normally about 1 per month per IP for new contracts, but it does depend who you buy from, some providers still don't charge, others always have.
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