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    * Planning to buy InterServer Shared Hosting

    Planning to buy InterServer Shared Hosting for 3 years term.
    Should I go with them? What is your thought.

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    I have no experience with InterServer hosting, but I will suggest you to start with month-to-month billing period with any new hosting provider. When you are satisfied and happy, change the billing period according to your budget and discounts.

    Better be safe than sorry.
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    They have a promotion for one penny. You should try it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostMyth View Post
    They have a promotion for one penny. You should try it.
    Have any experience of their service (Good/bad) if yes, share that with us.

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    I know their dedicated server offerings are ok, but am not sure about their shared hosting plans.

    Search "InterServer Review" at WHT.
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    I have no idea. I suggest you not to go for three years in case if you are not sure about the services. Buy a yearly plan or something and then check. by the way what are your requirements?
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    Check out how long they take to respond. Besides speed of responses, check to see if they are technically competent. You wouldn't want to sign up for a host that is run by a bunch of salesmen who only know how to sell and not fix problems.

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    I have had an interserver VPS for a while now and I have never had issues with them, I'd highly suggest using their service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadek View Post
    Planning to buy InterServer Shared Hosting for 3 years term.
    Should I go with them? What is your thought.
    If you can, try to stick with monthly term until you tested them.
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