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    * Setup and Customizing ClientExec service?

    I have never worked with ClientExec until now and I am having a hard time of it. Is there a good website with lots of tips/tricks/help? The CE site as well as the forum is lacking of any real useful information.
    I was working on whmcs just a few days ago and I was getting the hang of things but I since had to change server providers. The current one only offers CE.
    Any ideas or help?
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    The forum is full of info, just hard to find is all. When I switched to CE a couple months ago I found it to be a big adjustment. But at the same time I knew once I got used to it, it would be well worth it. Trust me it gets easier!

    I made use of google search --> clientexcec -insert whatever the problem is or what I'm trying to accomplish-

    Normally it will lead to a forum post of kb article. If not open a ticket. They're awesome for responses.

    Stick with it. It's well worth it.
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    We used ClientExec before switching to WHMCS and did not find it terribly difficult to use. Give it some time, their support network is quite strong (they reply to tickets quickly) if you have technical issues. When v5 comes, you'll be ahead of the curve.
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