SolidTools CloudVPS System was developed by Silicon Valley renowned developers, specially designed for SolidTools CloudVPS resellers. Through SolidTools CloudVPS backend system, without any plugin (such as Java or Flash), both resellers and users can reset or shutdown CloudVPS, and manage console interface even with the CloudVPS is disconnected from Internet.

Any customer welcomes to explore our CloudVPS System. For SolidTools Cloud hosting customers, we offer you free SolidTools CloudVPS System. All your servers can be added to our Cloud instantly, and you can sell your CloudVPS services in minutes. This is a customized service, please contact us.

All our CloudVPS node servers come with 40Gbps connection to the Internet.

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Super Green CloudVPS - 1GB RAM - 15GB Disk - Dedicated 50M/Month - 1 IP
Only $19.00

Super Blue CloudVPS - 1.5GB RAM - 15GB Disk - Dedicated 80M/Month - 1 IP
Only $29.00

Super Black CloudVPS - 2GB RAM - 15GB Disk - Dedicated 100M/Month - 1 IP
Only $39.00

For our promotional price, please Use Coupon Code: greenearthcloudvps. Bandwidth is specially optimized for Asia connections. We have the best connection to China, Japan, Korea, and other countries in the United States. Silicon Valley has the shortest connection to Asia countries with lowest latency.