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    Over than 200 ip addresses in Germany

    I need a dedicated server with a pull of German (or Russians) ips from different subnets (200 or more ips).
    Or at least a server with /24 or /25 ipv4 block.

    Minimal server characteristics:
    4 cores
    8 gb ram
    100mb channel

    Budget: 250$

    The closest thing that i found was an offer from burst (253 ips for 100$), but they provide only US and UK servers.

    Any suggestions on this?

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    Just shop around for providers in those areas. If you are not doing any spamming and the data center/provider has the IP addresses on hand and you can justify your shouldn't be a problem.
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    For 200 IP you should pay at least $200, you need more budget.

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    What do you need the ips for?

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    Budget seems fine $200 for the IPs and $50 for the server. Just need to find the provider willing to give you so many IP addresses. - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazedk View Post
    What do you need the ips for?
    Nothing illegal. Need them for personal usage.

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    Why would you possibly need 200 IPs for personal usage? I don't even understand why some people need more than 2.

    There is a reason this is gonna be hard to find:

    1) 99% of the reasons why you would need this are illegal
    2) IP adresses are exhausted, if you need 200 IPs for 'personal usage' you're being quite egoistic, unless there really is a reason why you can't run everything over one ip/NAT | KVM VPS in Munich, Germany
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adolf View Post
    Nothing illegal. Need them for personal usage.
    Yes, and Santa Claus is going to give me a Ferrari on Christmas.

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    Personal usage sounds like spam. Oh wait its not spam if you trick them into opting in on your list, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saschoen View Post
    Personal usage sounds like spam. Oh wait its not spam if you trick them into opting in on your list, right?
    Opted in or not spam complaints will come.
    And with 200 ips chances for complaints is 200 times higher

    To OP: Check Contabo in Germany, if you can justify the ips they should be able to hook you up.

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