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    cPanel Certification?

    I don't notice it mentioned all that much. See it in some people's credentials here, though. I think I'm supposed to renew my standard Technical before Oct. 2014. I haven't felt it necessary to go through the sales one, since I go back as far as cPanel 5 (

    I took the technical one back Oct '12. Wasn't rocket surgery. Missed one silly question about Tomcat and errors or something. The hands-on exam sounds interesting. Anyone else go through it?
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    No. & don't bother. cPanel doesn't showcase certified providers/people, and, as such, you shouldn't take their certification with anything but a grain of salt.
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    It doesn't add too much value so I wouldn't worry too much.
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    We usually ask our new employees to take the test just to make sure they got some knowledge in cPanel. Though the test is simple, we consider it as a good resource for training reviewing.

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    Yeah, basically as everyone said above. The test itself is very basic, but I would take it just to say you have.

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