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    eNom reseller account question


    I received an eNom domain name reseller account from Hostgator when I signed up for their hosting reseller account. I have decided to move away from Hostgator because their service and response times have really gone to crap lately. I will be moving to Eleven2 or CrocWeb.

    My question is, will I lose my eNom account when I leave Hostgator? Or now that the eNom account that is established, is it mine to keep permanently?


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    You are better off asking H.G about this.

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    My Thought would be it is still yours you are just a reseller of domains under their main account. You are using a sub reseller account. If I am not mistaken

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    Huh... where am I again?
    As others have said, it is best to talk with them about it. However, seeing how they will probably make a small commission on your domains and other items anyhow, they most likely wont have any issues. Also, didn't see any info right off in their terms or knowledgebase.

    EDIT: you can always switch to a full reseller of enom or push the domains over to a new enom account.
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    You may be better off getting an answer from host gator about this it will be much more accurate information. We do bit work for enom or hg so we wouldn't know. But from a guess out if the blue I wouldn't think they would suspend or take the account away from you because either way your leaving if they leave you with the account they will make some money one way or another.

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    It is difficult tell because what is their terms and condition for the reseller account contract. Only HG can provide more information on this.
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    Have you found an answer to this? I am also going to be terminating a HG account but want to keep my enom reseller account.

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    I contacted HostGator and they advised that the enom reseller account will remain active even if the hosting account is cancelled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sf23103 View Post
    I contacted HostGator and they advised that the enom reseller account will remain active even if the hosting account is cancelled.
    Thats sounds very good.
    Make sure you have complete control over your domains like you can transfer / move domains.
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