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    Google page speed service for SSL?

    We tried out google page speed service for a non-SSL site and it worked great, so wanted to use it for our main site, which has SSL. I'm running into some difficulty setting up the service and for some reason, google page speed service support is not responding. They were very quick to respond, but all of a sudden, nothing. I have 2 questions:

    (1) Godaddy wants to know what kind of server I'll be uploading the SSL certificate to (apache, cpanel, etc.). This seems to have a bearing on the intermediate certificate. If you've set up google page speed service for your SSL site, what is the correct server I should pick to make sure that I have the proper SSL certificate?

    (2) I'm kind of troubled that all of a sudden, their support has stopped responding. Has anyone used page speed service for your SSL site? I'm worried that page speed service for SSL does not work and will mess up our site.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    I research same for you to setup a ssl for a domain. Though I never done ssl setup before with Google page speed. But this sounds great. I would recommend you to read this.

    #"Do I need to setup SSL support for my site with PageSpeed Service? If your site needs to serve HTTPS pages on the same domain as the one you want to setup with PageSpeed Service (eg. then you need to setup SSL support for it with PageSpeed Service. If your SSL traffic is served via a different domain (eg. or a subdomain of your site that is not configured with PageSpeed Service (eg., then you don't need to setup SSL support.
    Note that it is not possible to simply exclude HTTPS pages from PageSpeed Service via a blacklist, and you will risk breaking pages on your site that require SSL support. Please see this FAQ for more information on the required separate setup process. "#

    #" "#

    Hope this may help you.
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