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    moving files from kvm main node to containter vps internally

    I will be setting up a box using centos v6 + kvm. I want to setup some cpanel vps' and I have a hard drive here with all of my customers (1tb worth of backups). does anyone know what the best method would be to get these backups onto this new vps without using a bunch of bandwidth and also so it goes faster. ie. using rsync between drives but I don't know how the nodes or logical volumes behave or where to rsync/copy it to or form... or even if it's possible. Let me know.

    -still learning this stuff.
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    If it is in the same network, you can use the local ip to transfer the data. You should ask your provider on this.
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    ok, so if i just rsync to the ip it will be internal and won't be using actual bandwidth usage? Would it be the same speed as if I copied the files from one drive to another or a little slower? It'd be a gigiport i think.

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