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    Angry FORTATRUST Dedicated Offering good or bad

    I thought I would share my experience with everyone out there who probably are considering dedicated hosting or in similar boat as my self.

    After an extensive search on google I found FORTATRUST as the most cheapest option on the market and hey who does mind a decent server at $60/month (59.95 to be exact).

    Here is the thing, I purchased this server offering about 4 weeks ago and had paid in full. I can see the money being deducted from my account and however I am waiting for the delivery of these servers to date.

    I understand sometimes it takes time to get new servers installed, so after waiting for a week I raised a support ticket with them and as expected their reply was "waiting for new hardware...".

    After waiting for 2 weeks after the order I tried to chat with online sales, they need your email address before they chat with you. I tried this with no avail.

    Now both the support ticketing does not accept anything nor does the online sales. For a second I thought their systems are down (that probably is not a good thing either).

    However the real findings, I went to they sales chat with the different email address and guess what less then 5 seconds a rep on chatting with me.

    If your email-address is attached to an account there is no chance anyone will talk to you. They will not talk to you after 1 or 2 chats.....

    In Summary, if you have any value in what you want to host potentially a server DO NOT go with FORTATRUST.... Simply just don't.

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    If they didn't deliver your server, then ask for a refund. 2 weeks of waiting is too long.
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    I have had a bad experience previously with them also.

    I ordered one of their VPS plans and apparently the price almost doubles on your second term! Be sure to read the terms of service, always!

    After I refused to pay (My payment method was PayPal) they threatened to take me to a credit bureau and that they would make my credit score bad. That never happened though, thank goodness.

    Stay away from Forta Trust!

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    Stay away from them. I had a very bad experience with them and they will try to milk you for every dime you have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger223 View Post
    After an extensive search on google I found FORTATRUST as the most cheapest option on the market and hey who does mind a decent server at $60/month (59.95 to be exact).
    An extensive search will reveal that their reputation is below average.

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