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    Cache Simple | Akamai CDN Reseller | Free Trial and 20% Code

    Cache Simple - CDN Akamai Reseller

    Cache Simple, formerly Distribution Cloud, offers you the best CDN solutions available on the market for small business and start-ups.
    We are powered by Akamai Technologies, the leader in content delivery network solutions since 1999.

    Main Features:
    - Improve your web site performance.
    - On-demand worldwide capacity to meet peak traffic.
    - Support for any mobile devices around the globe.
    - Reduce downtime and increase conversions through a better web experience.
    - Optional secured online SSL protection.
    - Cut down resources by offloading your origin server, bandwidth and processing in the cloud near the final user.
    - Increase availability of your site by using Akamai's global network even with a unresponsive origin server.
    - Direct access to Akamai's LUNA reporting portal.
    - Worldwide flat fees, no matter where your users are.
    - Anti-DDoS security solution, distributed web application firewall.
    - Personalized support.

    What is a CDN?
    A CDN employs a large amount of servers distributed all across the globe to reach every internet user, no matter where they are located, and deliver the content as fast as possible with a minimum response time, thus improving the user experience and ultimately benefiting your business.
    To read more about this, click here

    Why us?
    We offer the best personalized support; your account will be followed closely by our engineers giving you the maximum performance for your website without interruptions. Our IT team is directly trained by Akamai and certified.
    We bring you the best quality solutions that the top 500 Fortune companies uses for delivering their online content. These solutions are scaled for small enterprises and start-ups to give you the edge from your competitors.

    Why Akamai?
    Akamai Technologies is the most powerful, reliable and leading CDN provider, since 1999.
    It has a network of more than 150,000 secure servers equipped with proprietary software and deployed in 82 countries that relies on applied mathematics and algorithms to help solve congestion and vulnerability problems on the Internet. These servers reside within approximately 1,700 of the world's networks, monitoring the Internet in real time - gathering information about traffic, congestion, and trouble spots. Cache Simple uses this intelligence to optimize routes and replicate data dynamically to deliver content and applications more quickly, reliably, and securely.


    Special offer: 20% off your first month with this promotional code:


    >>>>>> SIGN UP FOR A TRIAL <<<<<<
    Cache Simple
    CDN provider - Akamai authorized reseller
    Make your site faster, more secure and 100% available

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    Hello- what is the pricing on this?

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    Please contact us through our website.
    Cache Simple
    CDN provider - Akamai authorized reseller
    Make your site faster, more secure and 100% available

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