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    Net neutral / anonomys hosting companies?


    I'm looking for some advice on finding a web hosting company to host a v bulletin forum.

    A quick background,

    There is nothing illegal or fishy going on. Basically the manufacturer which the forum is about has sent a legal letter to our previous hosting company stating that we did not have licensing permission to have this forum, so we were shut down. There are many other forums on the same topic, of same manufacturer, there is just some silly politics at play here.

    Anyway I am looking for anonymous hosting from whois searches and one that is off shore from N.A., Asia and Europe

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    A lot of domain registrars will offer you WHOIS protection with a fee. Usually I see something like $5/year for the service. That would help with keeping your information out of WHOIS searches. I don't have any information on hosts that are based outside of NA, Asia, and Europe, so I can't really help you there.

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