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    3 ip to one domain?

    Hello all,
    i have a question my site getting data from 3rd party site and that 3rd party site not allow more then 200 connection from one ip

    is there any way i point 3 ip to one domain and user will randomly connect with any ip to reach my site?
    so number of connection will divide and my site always work fine

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    You'll need to have three IPs bound to your server and then you'll most likely want to do this in your scripts...should be pretty easy to write a function that randomly selects one of three source IPs and then connects out via that IP. Unless I've misunderstood the situation? If so, can you be more specific with exactly how you have this set up? What language is it written in?

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    As for distributing users across several servers have you considered using a load balancer?

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    You can link 3 IP's to one domain (simple DNS stuff) but I'm not sure if you can just have the user automatically pick one of them at random, never heard of that being done

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    Just a thought - How about having three nameservers/DNS where each one will resolve to different IP's ?

    AFAIK, ISP's query any of the listed nameservers in no specific order and so you can have some sort of randomization there.

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